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Easy Video Capture will let you record your screen activity
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Easy Video Capture is a program that will let you record your screen activity.
It will save what happens in any section of the screen into AVI video files, in real time. You can set the program to include or ignore the audio, or the pointer of your mouse. It is even possible to use this program to record a video file that you play in your computer, and save the recording as an AVI file.

Easy Video Capture is a very easy to use tool to record program tutorials. You can teach how to use a program, and how to perform certain procedures, showing how will you use the program through a video file.

The first thing to do is to select the portion of the screen that you want to include in your video. Then, you can select the "Record" button when you want the program to start recording your screen activity. When you want, you can stop the program, and view the resulting video using the program´s built-in player. By default, the program will show a blue circle when you double-click on the screen.

The trial version will place a message in the recorded video, telling that the video was made using a demo version of Easy Video Capture.

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